High quality and reliable supply from any of our three farms

Olive production

Our production is now spread across three farms, reducing climate risk and ensuring we can produce great oils each year without the fluctuations in production that characterise our industry.

Several farms

Having more than one location enables us to be able to serve our customers' needs and maintain production even when exceptional climate events - such as floods, hail, or frost - affect a farm.

In an extraordinarily wet 2022, the value of this was proven when our Kialla farm was partially flooded whereas the trees on the other two farms, on high ground and sandy soil, have never looked better.

Long term relationships

We have and value long term relationships with our customers, our staff and our community.

Our growth in developing additional farms has been driven not by our ambitions, but by our customers, who every year want more of our oil.

Great locations for growing olives

Our farms are in relatively frost free areas which allows us to have consistent output year in and year out.

We also have looked for isolated - and windy - locations that help to keep the trees disease and pest free.